These diapers go where others wish.

We deliver, pick up and take compostable disposable diapers to a commercial-grade composting facility.

Genuine Compostable Diapers

Landfill Not Required

For the comfort of your child and the health of our planet, Tiny Tots recommends that reusable cotton diapers be used as your primary diapering method. But sometimes, for whatever reasons, a single-use diaper is called for. Although there is no such thing as an eco-friendly single-use diaper, compostable single-use diapers have the least environmental impact of all the diapers that are thrown away. That is because, unlike other single-use diapers, compostable diapers are made primarily of ingredients that will compost when put in the proper environment.

In fact, compostable diapers don't even need to step one foot (or inch) into our already overcrowded landfills. These diapers are composted into municipal solid waste compost which is used for landscaping filler for non-agricultural areas such as parks, athletic fields, golf courses, freeways, and building sites. And to ensure that they are composted correctly, Tiny Tots has made special arrangements with a local commercial composting facility who will take the diapers and safely compost them in just a matter of months, without any risk of disease from pathogens (because the soiled diapers are all carefully "disinfected," so to speak). That's a whole lot safer than disposing of diapers in landfills where they can spread disease, or flushing them and running the risk of clogging your sewer system. You'll sleep easier knowing that if you do choose to use single-use diapers, at least you can use them with a service that doesn't add to our landfill problem.

A Great Diaper

The Hard Work is Done

When looking for a compostable diaper to use with your cotton diapers, it's enough to make your head spin trying to find the best ones. That's why Tiny Tots has done extensive product testing and in-depth research to take the guess-work out of choosing a diaper that functions well and is also compostable.!

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Convenient Home Delivery & Pick-Up

As Simple as it Gets

We provide the same reliable service for your delivery and weekly pick-up of your compostable diapers as we have for over 40 years for our cotton diaper service customers. We make it easy to ensure you never run out of diapers, and never need to throw away your single-use diapers where they will pollute our landfills or sewer systems. With our weekly compostable diaper pick-up service, your used diapers will be treated right, all for just a nominal composting charge! And that small fee pays not only for the diapers' transport from your door to the entrance of the local composting plant, but also for the cost to have them professionally composted. And while we're at your door for your weekly pick-up, if there's anything else you need for your baby, such as wipes, breastfeeding supplies, skin care products, etc., we'll drop those off, too, at no extra charge for delivery. And with our online store, it's so easy to place your orders for additional products, or even to change your diaper order, any time night or day. If you prefer, you can call in your orders during the day, and we'll be happy to make sure you never run out of anything.

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With Tiny Tots there for you, you can prevent having to make those last-minute trips to the store for items you can have delivered weekly with your diaper pick-up. And when we arrive, you don't even need to be home (or to come to the door) – we'll just leave everything in front of your door for you. And, of course, the best thing about our delivery and pick up service is knowing that you are giving your child a brighter future and greener earth by diverting diapers from the landfill. We make it so convenient for you; you don't even need to rinse them before putting them in the bag. Just set them out the night before your pick-up day, and we'll take care of everything else. How simple is that!