Proudly serving the San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose Bay Area

We are a family-owned small business that enjoys helping parents make healthy decisions for their young children and the earth.

Our Story

Since 1966 it is estimated that our family, along with our faithful staff, have laundered over 680 million (680,000,000) diapers. We are the original curbside recycler.

Tiny Tots has offered convenient home pick up and delivery of cotton diapers in the SF Bay Area since 1966. This was possible due to the generosity of my grandmother. $12,000 covered the cost for diapers, two Kenmore washers/dryers, a delivery vehicle and a little bit more.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to be a resource for families by giving them options for making healthy decisions for their children and our earth.

We accomplish this by:

  • Providing simple, natural and functional diapering options that can be reused over and over again.
  • Continually researching new products. Providing options without being overwhelming.
  • Whenever available, giving preference to locally and American made manufacturers.
  • Providing practical, relevant and family friendly workshops and events for parents to have fun, learn and grow.
  • Being diligent to the continuous training of our team.
  • Being a location that families can come to and experience a sense of community.
  • Providing “over and above” customer service, on a consistent basis.

Our Team

The team at Tiny Tots rocks! Their loyalty and willingness to put themselves in the position of helping others is amazing. We have a deep sense of gratitude for the provision of these folks. The combined number of years our team has worked at Tiny Tots is 390, with an employee average of 16 years at the company. We are incredibly proud of our diverse staff!

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Our Outreach

  • We donate to local child and family-focused charities, including SafeKids (Santa Clara/San Mateo Chapter), City Team, Blossom Birth, Country Women's Club, Kiwanis, YMCA, Real Options, Heritage Home, and the Children's Gaucher Research Fund.
  • We are well known for our Meet Santa event which has become an annual tradition for many families in our community.
  • Judy Aagard is the inspiration behind The Great Cloth Diaper Change, a grassroots, local (and global) event whose purpose is to celebrate and promote the use of reusable, cloth diapers. Through this annual event, we helped to establish the Guinness™ World Record for the most cloth diaper changes at one
  • We are a staple at many family-friendly silent auctions in the SF Bay Area. We donate diapering supplies and clothing to orphanages around the world.

In the News

Bay Area Parent Recognition

Tiny Tots was voted “Greenest Family Service” & “Best Store To Outfit Your Kid.” We are very honored by these awards and strive to be even better, for you!

Tiny Tots Earns State Honors

  • First Place: Best Resource Reduction Program in the State of California. This award was given by the California Resource Recovery Association.
  • First Place: Innovation in Industry Water Conservation in the State of California. This award was given by the Local Government Commission.